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10 contoh soal Bahasa Inggris

1.                  1. Bella is a new student of SMK 2 Semarang. She moved
from Balikpapan. She must introduce herself in front of
students of tourism Department.
Bella : Hello, my new friends ... my name's Bella.
A. I'd like you to introduce myself
B. Allow me to introduce you to
C. Allow me to introduce myself
D. Let you introduce me
E. I'd like to introduce you to me
2.  The director of P.T. Top Fantasi opens the regular meeting at 9.00 a.m.
 my staff, good morning.
Staffs : ..., Sir.
The director : How's life today.
Staffs : Not so bad.
A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good day
E. Good bye
3. Siska is a new student of SMU 3 Semarang. She doesn't know the location of her class. She asks a group
of students.
Siska          : Sorry to disturb you, friends. I'm a new student here. ... where the Biology class is?
A group of students : With leasure.
A. May I tell you
B. Can you tell me
C. May I accompany you
D. Can I direct you
E. You may direct me
4. Dwi : It is said that Yulia ... ready to get married with Rafli if he ... her a luxurious car.
Silvi : I don’t believe it. Yulia is not materialistic girl, isn't she?
A. will be – bought
B. would be – buys
C. will be – buys
D. would have been – bought
E. would buy – had been
5. Hendra : ... the flower! Let it grow well.
Wahyu : I'm sorry. I wish I could give the flower to that girl.
A. Pick                              E. Not to pick
B. Don't pick
C. Please pick
D. Picking
6. Situation.
Andi is very busy. It is impossible for him to finish his work on time.
A. If Andi were not busy, he would be able to finish his work on time.
B. If Andihad time, he would have finished his workon time.
C. If Andi was busy, he would be able to finish hiswork on time.
D. If Andi had been busy, he would finish his work ontime.
E. If Andi had not been busy, he would not havefinished his work on time. 
7.Yuli : Who cleans your house?
Nina : I do
Yuli : Does Adi help you?
Nina : Never, but he ... mother do the washing
A. is helping
B. helped
C. has helped
D. helps
E. had helped 
8.Anton : Do you play tennis?
Arman : I ... play tennis when I was young, but now my favorite sort is golf.
A. used to
B. don't
C. can't
D. can
E. do
      9. Your friend will fly for the first time. He is a bit worried about it.
You : ...?
Your friend : I hope so, thanks, this is my first flight. It makes me a bit worried.
A. Do you feel afraid
B. There's nothing to worry about
C. Don't be so happy
D. Is there any problems
E. Are you afraid of being alone. 
10. Tri : Let's eat out in a restaurant, Dina
Dina : When?
Tri : Tonight
Dina : ... I'll wait for you before seven.
A. No, thank you
B. I don't want to
C. Good idea, but
D. Enjoy yourself
E. That sounds interesting

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